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4 those who keeps getting battleye banned, u need to update ur battleye
i know tis is old since most of u updated already but 4 those who havent yet and dun know how, heres the link, extract the file to ur soldat folder, and the text must be in the folder too.

i dun know the exact way to do it, but that was how i did it


This is for all you people still having battleye problems heres a standalone installer made from the people at enesce.com 

Link: http://enesce.com/?page=downloads&f=30

Uhhh... same program as Speedy's link? Nice one aj.

I just merged the posts since it was basically the same.

Meh, I don't know what you merged, but Speedy's link is the same thing as aj's, or whoever's, what with the... merge... *shrug*.


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